Our Approach

We create value for our clients, obtaining the best structure for their needs and saving them financing costs. We'll tell you things about hedging that your bank won't. And our pricing negotiation alone typically pays for our fees several times over.

Most borrowers get their only hedging advice from the bank selling them the hedge. There is a potential conflict of interest in this case, since a dollar in your pocket means a dollar out of theirs.

Our market knowledge and pricing technology give our clients the knowledge of how much they are paying for a hedge, allowing them to maximize their banking relationships.

Our Story

Our consultants come from the banking industry where they worked for years developing their expertise.  DerivGroup now uses that expertise to educate our clients and pull back the curtain on the pricing and structuring of swaps.  This expertise insures our clients receive the best terms and pricing possible when entering into a swap or other hedge.

DerivGroup has the same live-market data and computer pricing models that the banks do.  DerivGroup creates price transparency for our clients, minimizing transaction costs and saving you interest and other hedging expense.  We will tell you what the true cost of a swap or hedge is, the bank’s profit margin and fees.  Just as importantly, we will also tell you whether a bank’s pricing is low or high relative to other transactions we have worked on.

DerivGroup understands swap derivative products and hedging markets from the inside out.  Our consultants’ vast knowledge of markets and products will be working for you immediately as your enter into your next transaction.