Since 2004, DerivGroup has consulted for clients on over $200 billion worth of swaps and other hedges.  These transactions have ranged from swaps for LIBOR loans, fixed-to-floating bond swaps, foreign exchange hedging programs and commodity hedges.

We also perform hedge accounting for clients on an outsourced basis, from initial designations to ongoing valuation and periodic entries.

DerivGroup has helped clients with:

  • Designing bank loan hedging programs
  • Adjustable rate loan hedging
  • Terminating swaps
  • Swapping fixed rate bonds to variable rate
  • Foreign currency revenue hedging programs
  • Raw material commodity hedging

Our clients include:

  • Corporations and Partnerships
  • State, County and City Governments, and Local Authorities
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Revenue Authorities
  • School Districts
  • Tribal Nations

References available upon request.